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Westerly Auto Body is a locally owned and operated full-service collision center, servicing all makes and models and all jobs, big and small. CONTACT US

Westerly Auto Body is your one stop shop for all your body work and cosmetic auto and truck repairs. My father started our business in 1958, and we have never departed from his original promise to repair your car or truck right, and guarantee our work for as long as you own your vehicle.

We’ve been a pillar in our community, and have been supported in that community by an increasing body of faithful customers that has continually grown for 62 years. You can’t earn that kind of trust with a flashy ad, or quick discount. We started out by offering quality work using state of the art equipment to execute our work in the highest quality way, while still keeping the work affordable. We are closely affiliated with all auto insurance companies, and know how to navigate all their peculiar and complicated systems to ensure that you get the most for your coverage.

You often can’t tell how bad the damage is until all disassembly is complete. That’s where we make certain that everything that was affected by your accident, is fully identified, covered, and restored to it’s original condition.

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